Paper Dash

This just in... Paper Dash has finally hit the stands! Roam the streets delivering papers as you try and pay off damages to a car that you... well... you'll see... Collect soda cans and bottles to make some extra cash on the side. Find special items to give yourself power ups to help your character deliver even more papers and make even more money!


  • 45 levels worth of game play
  • Achievement badges for delivering papers and collecting soda cans/bottles
  • Character customization and collectible power ups
  • Intuitive game controls
  • Fun background music and sound effects

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3 November 2015

Every now and then a great game comes along... and this is one of them. Pretty easy at first... but don't get fooled by that. The later levels become quite challenging. Nice relaxing game... easy controls... great for the entire family!


31 October 2015

it is awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


15 October 2015

it is a nice game


4 October 2015

This game is at the top of my fav game list. Its just so amazing I just want to have this game till the rest of my life. Please oh please make more games like this. I prefer a game were u just get to walk around a city and play as a 3D person and just play as real life. Please just do that for me. Love the game!!!! Love, Ava Howard


3 August 2015

It's addictive


25 April 2015

great game


4 April 2015

you need to make it where you can control the game with the mouse!!!!


26 February 2015

I really like it. It's fun and it's makes you figure out how you can get it all. It's not high tech but that's ok.


23 February 2015

Love it.


11 February 2015

A clever throwback to paper boy on the Nintendo, adapted for touch screen interface. That alone impresses me. However, this game is also entirely free; no annoying ads, freemium, or micropay aspects to the game whatsoever. You choose your city, choose your neighborhood, and then chuck papers! I honestly found this game incredibly easy at first with the levels becoming increasingly more difficult. Dogs will chase you in "bad neighborhoods" and you have to chuck a paper at them to save your lives, for example. This means you really have to pay attention and be careful in order to get all the objectives, especially in harder levels. I like that the game rewards you for completion, but doesn't hold you back if you haven't completely finished the level. This means the game is pretty repayable, however I see it becoming very boring after I have completed every level. Updates and new features would be great to improve the games longevity; add some daily missions or a survival mode = 5\5 game

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