Parents Pregnancy & Baby Guide

The updated Parents Pregnancy & Baby Guide provides a week-by-week guide for new parents and parents-to-be, from conception to the end of baby’s first year—followed by a monthly guide to baby’s second year. Parents Pregnancy & Baby Guide also incorporates new features of Windows 8.1, such as calendar integration, article and photo sharing, snap view, larger live tiles and larger images in portrait mode.


  • Weekly prenatal guidance & tips
  • How big is my baby?
  • What my baby looks like
  • My changing body
  • Weekly post-natal guidance & tips
  • How do I breastfeed?
  • How do I comfort my crying baby?
  • What should my baby be doing at this stage?
  • Monthly guidance & tips after age 1
  • Is my baby eating enough?
  • How can I ease the pain of teething?

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26 October 2015

Due date seems to be fixed. However, starting week 5 the is missing information in the 'how big is your baby section... it is a week wrong (week 7 is saying week six). Pretty good info on what to expect as this is my 2nd child.


17 July 2014

It seems like a really nice app, but crashes all the time. I run it on a Dell Venue Pro with Windows 8.1. Especially scrolling vertically provokes crashes. Completely useless like this. A shame!!


22 March 2014

Best windows app for pregnancy and newborn. As a guy I learned a lot on how to support my wife. Only criticism is the lack of information for dads to be and new dads.


17 February 2014

Some of the information is good. I like reading about my baby's development. It is annoying that the due date calculator is two weeks off and some of the information is in the wrong week.


15 February 2014

According to my doctor I am 8 weeks now and due 9/27/14. When I put my due date on the app., it is showing me at 10 weeks. Maybe my doctor gave me the wrong due date? Or maybe I am farther along than stated? I do like the week by week progression of the baby. So I will give it a 4.


25 January 2014

Helpful information for new parents! Highly recommended!


24 January 2014

The app itself it a nice app. The only issue I have with it is it gets my week wrong. I uninstalled it, then reinstalled it. I put in all of my information in again and it still insists I am in week 32 while I am in 28. Not a fan of that.


8 January 2014

Valuable info avail at fingertips


24 December 2013

Nicely designed.


20 December 2013

Very helpful to see what is happening in each week of this exciting time. Love all the helpful tips along the way as well.

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