Particle Art

Particle Art lets you create unique generative artwork by tracing the paths of hundreds of particles. Create attractors that attract and repel the particles into an infinite variety of forms. Save your created images to the file system for use as wallpaper, login screen, etc.


  • Generate artwork wit particles
  • Interact with drawing while it is in progress
  • Save bitmaps to your local file system

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31 July 2015

I play with this app for longer than I realize, and my son loves it. Thanks


28 July 2015

I love this app. I've been looking for an app like this for so long. I will say though that the directions are a little confusing, but I can get along with that. I cant seem to figure out how to get to the apps settings. Overall its a great app.


23 July 2015

I really enjoyed this app. The only problem is; the attractors (that do the movements of the particles) only can be deleted one at a time. Which isn't really a big deal, unless you use a whole bunch at one time.


2 July 2015

App is just a black screen on SP3.


3 April 2015



29 March 2015

GUI could be better


17 March 2015

I have a Surface RT with all necessary specs but when I open the app its just a black screen and when I right click on it as one user suggested nothing happens. It's very frustrating...I was looking very forward to using this app to create artwork. Can you please email me with any advice on how to fix this problem @ I'd appreciate the help. Thanks. I will change my stars upon fixing the problem.


24 February 2015

Will not display properly


12 February 2015

Have no idea why the app will not open. Maybe it needs to be updated to run on newer systems. I see the reviews are a year or two old.


16 January 2015

So very cool. Definitely make some amazing wallpapers with this.

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