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    * Added supported for opening KDBX4 databases (Argon2 KDF and ChaCha20 cipher) * Removed autocorrect from Entry fields


PassKeep is a password manager that is interoperable with KeePass 2.x. Browse your password collection in style! PassKeep contains no ads and does not require an Internet connection. No personal data of any sort is stored or transmitted anywhere. PassKeep is under continual development based on YOUR feedback! Shoot me an email or check the subreddit if there's a needed feature I'm missing, an irksome bug I've missed, or if you have any sort of general input to provide. I want to hear it! For suggestions, feature requests, criticisms, or support, feel free to contact me at passkeep@outlook.com.


  • Works with your existing KeePass 2.x database
  • Generate cryptographically secure random passwords without leaving the app
  • Has support for KeePass string fields
  • Optionally remember your most recently opened databases
  • Opens entry URLs in your default browser
  • Sample database included
  • Automatically clear your clipboard or lock your workspace after a timeout

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18 March 2016

Although I can access my old database, I can't even move an entry to a new group. It's sad this version doesn't have the functionality of the old Windows XP version.


3 August 2015

The app works very well in every regard except one: there is no search function. Were this function added I would rate 5 stars. As a way to manage and secure passwords, PassKeep works well.


5 July 2015

Just downloaded and installed this app. I generally use the regular windows version of the application on my other computers. I opened my database, which is keepass 2.x. I created a new entry but it crashes every time I try to save a new entry.


2 July 2015

This is my preferred password manager on RT.


6 May 2015

It does what it claims to do, and the snapped feature is nifty for accessing websites without changing screens a bunch of times.


24 December 2014

I have examined all the KeyPass clients currently offered in the store. This is the only one that will actually execute the Clear Clipboard function on my Surface Pro. Beyond that the app performs as indicated. I have also found that the Icon color and description box can be modified by setting the foreground and/or background colors for the entry within KeyPass. My complements to the developer. There are a number of things that can be done to improve the app. Not the least of these would be the inclusion to the Expiry field as shown in KeyPass along with a method of indicating which entries are about to have an expired password. I am currently using the Tag field to perform this function. The ability to select the entry description icon would also be nice.


6 July 2014

This lets me open and use my keep pass (darn auto correct not letting me spell it correctly!) file. I can open my file. I can search for my entries. I can even see the notes field, which is vital for me because I often put lots of data in that field. Could be faster. Could be more true to the original. But this gets me the features I absolutely need. Thanks!


2 June 2014

I have more than 400 passwords in my database. Incorporate search for five star ratings.


15 May 2014

Have used KeePass managers on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android and prefer the use of combination of OneDrive and local copy to keep current even when off line. While writing this when I went back PassKeep wanted to open file and lost alot of changes. On Surface I am not in gabit of using the ctrl + s but still to not ask and why? So took off stars. Request: Save As or keep backups. A file manager app tried to do copy/paste and did not add "copy" and looked to corrupt and tried to over write same file. Overall I think the Surface s a nice concept poorly executed and implemented and lacks consistency across apps. Wish this was ported to iOS 7 and be even more seamless flexibility.


1 March 2014

Now I have my KeePass password database available on my surface in addition to other computers and devices.

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