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  • Category: Security / Personal security
  • Published by: Thomas Gerber ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    Important: Backup your data before installing this update! This updates fixes a bug that caused passwords not to start after creating password items which begin with non-standard alphabetic characters (e.g. 'ä', 'é', etc.)


Passwords centralizes all of your passwords using the high standard encryption technology AES 256 and syncs them with other devices (pc, tablet, windows phone). With change tracking, you can also track changes on password entries and even restore from a previous state on demand; You can even track deleted passwords and undelete them. In order to use SkyDrive sync, you need a SkyDrive account.


  • sync with central SkyDrive database on demand
  • direct sync with other windows 8 or windows phone 8 installations of passwords over sockets
  • sync with Windows Phone 8
  • Search
  • mutliple categories
  • AES encryption at any time (hard disk, socket, SkyDrive)
  • change tracking and restore from previous snapshots
  • undelete passwords
  • import of various xml formats (keepass, passwordsafe) and compatible with windows phone "Passwords"
  • backup and restore with encryption
  • export as xml
  • filter by categories
  • alphabetical index
  • 3 way protection with your custom password, local cryptographic key and system file encryption

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10 July 2013

I'd give it 5 stars if it allowed you to export/import to a common data file type like XML. This way we can port it to our other Systems like SharePoint or any other home grown app via XLST. An export to PDF or XPS would also be dynamite too.


20 February 2013

What I like: Categories, favorites, flexible data fields. What I love: Syncing with Windows Phone (get the right phone version, there are 2 in the store). What I'm missing: Password generation. I thought it was included but I haven't found it yet. Import. Not sure how to start this after initial program setup. (If not for these last 2 items, it would be an easy 5 star rating).


31 January 2013

The app is a good start, with a lot of goodies and useful features, and its interface is not cluttered or annoying! But there are bugs: * sometimes it crashes * the about screen states the app website is tapps.wordpress.com, shouldn't be tgapps.wordpress.com instead? * where is the export functionality if I want to export in clear text?


1 January 2013

Can't access it if I'm sync-ed to SkyDrive and have no internet connection. Purchased Passwords for Windows Phone, doesn't sync with that. Dev said they'd update, but it's taking a long time. Wait to buy this one.