Pay Bills On Time - Bill Reminder

Pay Bills On Time is the most effective and straightforward way to track and pay all your bills on time. Say NO to late payment fees, penalties and low credit score! - Automatic notifications pop up even when the app doesn't run and remind you every day about bills due today, tomorrow and within next seven days. - Live tile is periodically updated even when the app is not opened and it keeps you posted about upcoming bills. - All bills are color coded and sorted by the due date to get your attention to the approaching bills first. - App calendar is marked with red dots - unpaid bills and green dots - paid bills to show you whether all bills due on certain day have been paid. Pay Bills On Time app allows you to manage bills with different billing periods (week, two weeks, four weeks, month, etc.) and one time bills as well. Pay bills on time, record payments information in app, and see full history of bills and payments anytime. ***********************************


  • Upcoming bills reminder notifications
  • Live tile with upcoming bills information
  • Bills with different billing cycles
  • Auto paid bills
  • Accounts and bills can be modified anytime
  • Payments recording
  • Payments full history
  • Color coded calendar and bills

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28 January 2016

Seemed like a decent app, until it notified me that no bills were due within the next 7 days, EVERY HOUR! Needs work on the notification part. Also note, you only get 5 bill accounts for free.