PicasaToLightroom is useful when you are moving from Picasa to Lightroom. It transfers information from your Picasa database to your Lightroom catalog. The information that’s transferred is the identity of photos that have been tagged in some way in Picasa. These photos include Starred photos, photos in Albums, and photos containing face identification (i.e., People). The information is transferred to Lightroom in the form of Lightroom Smart Collections. You are presented with a sequence of steps, where you identify your photo folder, pick your Picasa contacts file (only necessary if you want People identification), and choose which Albums, etc. you want to transfer to Lightroom. Then you go to Lightroom and import the Smart Collections created by PicasaToLightroom (detailed Lightroom instructions are provided for this step). Picasa and Lightroom use different editing techniques, so the actual modifications that you made to the photos in Picasa do NOT transfer to Lightroom. Although the edits don’t transfer, you do get the list of photos that were Cropped in Picasa, which might make it easier to quickly go through those photos in Lightroom and apply similar cropping. Picasa stores most of its useful information in Hidden files, which are somewhat challenging to Windows Store apps. However, detailed instructions are provided to help you overcome this hurdle.


  • Lightroom allows you to Add, Move or Copy as you import. PicasaToLightroom works well with any of those options.
  • If you’ve imported multiple folders into Lightroom, you can use PicasaToLightroom in an incremental fashion to process all corresponding Picasa folders.
  • Tested with a Lightroom catalog of 40,000 photos.
  • A simple command line is provided for you to "unhide" all of your Picasa.ini files.
  • This app has been tested with Lightroom 4 and Picasa 3.9, but it probably works equally well with slightly older versions of each of those products.

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25 April 2013

This was a great tool, but I really wish that I was able to easily migrate everything from Picasa including geo and all.