Piggy can fly! Yea, you hear it right! Guide piggy using mouse or keyboard to avoid branches and forks so that the piggy can fly as far as she could! If he hits the top or bottom boundaries that'll end the game. There will be some obstacles along the way like forks, branches and some enemies . Hitting them will end the game. 3 types of birds - sad (pull you), happy (push you), angry (kill you). Keep safe distance from them! There're some collectibles too! Coins for points (yellow for 50, pink for 100, red for 500). Apples for invincibility for a short period. Berries spawning clones that'll destroy anything that comes in their way! There are no distractions or ads, so you can simply play! Have fun!


  • Endless and challenging flying fun

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10 August 2013

Great app!!!