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    2.3.8 • Added setting to choose whether Pin More closes itself after launching a tile. • Fixed issue that could make Pin More take longer than it should to launch a tile. 2.3.7 • Pin More will now close itself after launching a tile on Windows 10! • Fixed crash if you tried to unpin a tile that was no longer pinned. 2.3.6 • Fixed crash after pinning Origin games on Windows 10. 2.3.5 • Added some file types to the list of accepted file types for document tiles. • Fixed crashes when running on Windows 10. 2.3.4 • Fixed crash that could happen while applying website metadata. 2.3.3 • Fixed crash that could happen while cropping an image. • Fixed crash that could happen while opening a file or folder in a pinned folder. 2.3.2 • Fixed crash that could happen after pinning a Steam, Origin or Uplay game. 2.3.1 • Added filters for the Steam, Origin and Uplay lists. • Added some file types to the list of accepted file types for document tiles. • Fixed issue where using some Png images could result in blank tiles. • Fixed issue where the selected scaling algorithm wouldn't be used in some cases. • Fixed issue where a live tile with a single image would be created for websites instead of just creating a static tile.

Pin More

Pin custom tiles for Steam, Origin and Uplay games, documents, document folders and websites to your Start screen! Create static tiles with any image you want as logo or use up to 5 images to create a live tile that cycles between them. You can also create live tiles for your Steam games that display your achievements or for your favorite websites displaying their latest news. Choose the background color you want to use by either picking one of the default colors, using our color picker, entering the RGB values of the color or even picking a color directly from any of the tile images. Export the tiles you've pinned so you can share them with your friends, import them on other devices or just keep them as backup so you don't have to create them again if you need to reinstall Windows. Not sure if Pin More is what you're looking for? Download the trial version to give it a try! In the trial version you can use all the features of the full version with a maximum of 4 pinned tiles. Do you have any questions? Are you having any issues with Pin More? Do you think some feature should be added or improved? Let us know! You can contact us using the support link in the Store page or the contact button in Pin More's main screen. In order to pin Steam games you need to have a Steam account.


  • Customize tile logos with your own images and any background color you want
  • Create live tiles with up to 5 images or 12 Steam achievements in the big tile (up to 4 in the wide tile)
  • Create live tiles for websites with their latest news
  • Export your tiles and share them or keep them as backup
  • Crop your images without having to use other applications

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11 February 2016

I can't seem to make large live tile for website work with RSS feed. Resizing to wide tile shows live tile again. Only happened to website's tile. Pls fix. Thanks.


15 December 2015

The creator even responds to email (at least in the past, haven't sent him one recently) about shortcuts not working. Can't ask for much more than that.


16 September 2015

I've tried others, but Pin More is the Best in Class. Thanks for making this available on Free App of the Day.


12 August 2015

This helps make windows beautiful.


19 June 2015

I had been looking for something that would allow me to add folders to my start menu for easy access and this app does just that! It also works great for pinning separate files, web, steam games, and more to start screen. Easy to use and very handy.


14 June 2015

Really well done Have to get full version


10 June 2015

I really like the simplicity of this application. I contacted the developer regarding my only issue. I would like the option to create a tile and replace a tile on the Start screen with my newly created one.


7 June 2015

Does what it says, and seems to work how it's supposed to.


26 May 2015

All the features that are advertised work flawlessly. I am requesting to the developers of this app to add, if possible with the pin API to customize any game executable. There are games that look like crap when pinned that are not in steam or origin, like Smite, Heroes of the Storm, and League of Legends for example. Adding that feature would make this application even better than it already is.


17 May 2015

Best app for this!

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