Plumber Adventure

Download and play Plumber Adventure on fullscreen. The game has 300 Levels. Try to complete them all!


  • 300 Levels
  • Easy Levels
  • Medium Levels
  • Hard Levels
  • Sound
  • Music

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16 August 2016

I Have Tried Playing This Game For Awhile Now And I Got A Problem With Being Able To Continue To The Next Section. I Start At 5X5 Which Does Let Me Play All 3 Levels; 5X5, 6X6, & 7X7. But Once I Complete The Last Level Of The 7X7 Section, It Doesn't Go To 8X8 But Goes Right Back To 5X5 And Locks All The Levels Again So I Have To Repeat Them Again. So All This Does Is Create A Continuing Repeating the First 90 Levels Over And Over Again. How Am I Suppose To Get Into The Upper Levels, And Don't Say Just Click On Them Because I Tried And It Is Locked. Please Let Me Know What I Need To Do To Get These Upper Levels To Work.


22 June 2016

It is veer cool😐


1 June 2016

This game is fun except that when you get to the last frame instead of going on to the next level, it erases all the previous frames and you have to start over from the beginning. The home page says you've completed them, but the frame page is blank. Weird!


26 May 2016

Simple but good fun.


20 May 2016

Fun game


12 May 2016