Pokemon Shouts

Listen to the old and new sounds of pokemon's universe. Complete app including 649 pokemons from first five generations. No ads.

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28 June 2015

This brings me back... I love this!


21 March 2015

Best to get pokemon sounds from the games NOT the ANIME. The reason it sound robot because its from the game. and all it just need gen 6 pokemon cries and its great


2 October 2014

I'm not a Pokemon know- it- all but these sounds don't sound right. It sounds to me like a robot just DIED!!!!! Please fix and if I'm wrong about the sounds, please let me know and I'll take down this comment and post an ''I'm sorry'' comment.


24 February 2014

This is good. Just one question, are you guys going to update it soon? Because there are no generation six shouts.