Police Theif Chase

Become a policeman, hop into the car and chase criminals with great fire power! Police Car Chase 3D gives you an exciting 3D race. You have to be a great driver and shoot at criminals and destroy their cars. Police Chase Simulation is a fast action packed police car racing game which tests your highway police car driving and chasing skills against escaped criminal cars desperate to outrun your police car.Get ready for the ultimate police chase. The city streets heat up as you are in hot pursuit of a most wanted crook. In this game,Thief trying to Bank robbery and committed a grand car theft freely running in the city, driving your police car and race and scare them with police car lights and police car sounds. exhilarating rush hour racing and the ultimate showdown and hopefully take-down of the enemy vehicle. It is time to test your skills in this crazy arcade game.hopefully take-down of the enemy vehicle. It is time to test your skills in this crazy arcade game. Can you master the incredible horse power that lies beneath the bonnet of your vehicle? Are your driving skills and senses sharp enough to navigate around the cross traffic on the highway? Ignore all traffic signs and lights. If you are not successful this bandit will prevail and will lose you. How far can you take the story, it is time to floor it to the max and get yourself to the Mexican desert! Or will you crash and end up as a dead man? How to play on touch device: - Control on tilt How to play On PC: - Use arrows keys for police car control - Press space for brake


  • Crazy high speed traffic racing / no shooting
  • Beautiful HD / 3D visuals
  • Absolute overkill on explosion and special effects
  • Light your sirens and lights and see ho you fair vs the thief
  • Free app / game, no in-app purchases present
  • The car auto accelerates on the highway so you can pay attention to the steering
  • Deformation system, your car will break apart on impact and broken parts will scatter
  • Spectacular crash animations and driving action
  • Crank up the volume for superb sound quality

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3 October 2015

I can't even play it it fritz not cool


17 August 2015

Don't bother downloading. This game is stupid. Uninstalled.


12 July 2015

I wouldn't even think about installing