Popping Bubbles

If you are ready for classic bubble bursting fun, then you need to play Popping Bubbles! In this fun casual free game for kids and adults of all ages, you must pop the multi colored bubbles before they reach the top of the screen. Watch out for the toxic fart bubbles! Popping Bubbles features 3 exciting difficulty levels and a relaxing endless bubble mode, for hours of bubble popping fun. Be the envy of your friends while you burst bubbles with ease. Go for the top score!


  • 5 difficulty settings and an endless bubble mode!
  • Fun casual gaming for kids and adults of all ages

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13 June 2016

this game frezes up it dosnt let you play the game


16 November 2015

My son was playing this game when it frozen up. Even after manually closing the application it was still frozen.


14 September 2015

Not what I thought it would be


18 September 2014

I loaded the program, the title screen came up, and then" This option is not available in your country and cannot be viewed at this time. " error message came up and that is all it would do. I will be removing this program at this time.


1 August 2014

I could play this all day!


29 September 2013

No music, If you miss one it still goes on and on and on until timer stops you. Too repetitive for anyone!


26 February 2013

I'll have to say its very fast I wont be beating it soon there are all sizes they just all come out.


23 February 2013

simply epic.