Private Hub for win8.1

"Private Hub" is designed for win8.1. Encryption save your photos, videos, and other accounts etc. All data and files stored on the tablet is encrypted depending on your machine hardware code and your password. Even if someone else had access to the encrypted files, he can not open any file.


  • Encrypt picture
  • Encrypt video
  • Encrypt password
  • Encrypt account
  • Encrypt note
  • Encrypt file of any type
  • photo
  • media
  • Account
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • bank account
  • Encrypt
  • Random Password
  • Password Generator
  • Secret
  • Image

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9 January 2015

Fairly good app for what it's used for, only thing that bothers me is every time you switch apps you have to enter your password to get back in. I think there should be a option on that feature. Maybe like after 5 mins the app locks..


30 July 2014

It does it's job pretty well. I got almost exactly what I wanted with this download. The only problem is that every time I click a video that I installed and imported to this app I have to wait for it to load or something before I can watch it which is kind of weird since it was imported and installed so it should be quicker. It's not a huge problem though so it still is a good app. 9/10 would recommend


2 July 2014

All my potos became unaccesible.. App just crush.. cant even export.... just from one day to another


23 February 2014

Sometimes this APP just closes as soon as you open photo album. VERY frustrating.


30 December 2013

I Like Is Very Nice


17 December 2013

It did everything perfectly!


1 December 2013

Great product with a great layout, but when viewing pictures it often shows the first image in the folder first, even though you selected a different one, and after some seconds the pic you selected finally appears. Also, no zoom or rotation options when viewing photos. If these issues were fixed I'd give it 5 stars. :)