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MMMOOO Converter helps you converter the most popular measures worldwide in 9 catalogues in ONE STEP!!! ★★★The UNIQUE & STUNNING point: Matrix Calculating, it means you can select any of a measure as the standard, then all the other related measures will calculating at the same time.


  • Professional, more than 9 catalgoues, 100 measures.
  • 9 catalogues: weight, temprature, length...
  • Very easy to operate, just enter and with on tap to convert

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30 September 2014

Converter is no good. Tried using it to convert mass, specifically grams to pounds. First the resolution only goes 2 decimal places and it doesn't convert properly. Very disappointed with this app.


28 October 2013

This app is very close to my perfect my perfect converter app. UX wise, should convert automatically. Need to get rid of the "Convert" button.