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    Read files from non local side (facebook, skydrive, bing and so on) User interface updated

Put'em On Maps

Put'em on maps (Over 10,000 downloads), put files (documents, media) on different maps. I like traveling and I record the wonderful moment of my trips. Now, I can record and arrange those moments on my maps. I put my photos or video albums on the location where they were created. I put some of my .ppt and .pdf slides of my trips on the appropriate places. I also add an introduction and trip diary to my maps. :) These maps help me to find my best moments easily, and this software makes it easy for me to relive those moments. Next year, our company will help our customers hold several concerts around the world. I need to show them all the information about our plans: city and country information, photos for each place (mains and spares). Now I can use this software to arrange my documents, photos, and videos more easily. And I can show my company this information directly using this software. I have lot of hobbies, and I think that I can put everything I want on my maps. Street dancing around the world, where my friends live around the world, even those in small towns :) We are doing our best to improve this app.


  • Create world maps, place files or photo/video albums on maps then open them directly from the maps
  • You can make slide shows from the photo/video albums you've created.

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20 May 2015



26 July 2013

It would be helpful to have a search feature that would find the location. Also, maybe allow for grouping of folders so that you can turn on/off or change color of groups. These changes would make it a much more useful GIS.


27 February 2013

Anyplace you never been before is always interesting. The people, food and sites. I have traveled a lot in my life and seen many nice things, people should get out more and see what around them, it might give them a better out look on life.


11 February 2013