Pyramid Solitaire (Free)

Your goal is to clear pyramid of cards by creating combinations of 2 cards that add up to 13. Pyramid Solitaire is played with a 52-card deck. First, 28 cards are dealt into a pyramid, starting with one card at the top. The pyramid has 7 rows, and the number of cards equals the row position. Each card covers the one on its upper left and upper right (if there are cards in those places). The remaining 24 cards are put in the draw pile. It is possible to put the top card from the draw pile to the discard pile(s), but not backwards. Only the top card of each pile and the exposed cards in the pyramid may be used to make matches. The remaining cards are placed to the side face down. This is the Stock. To play, pairs of exposed cards can be removed to the Foundation if their values total 13. Aces count as 1, Jacks – 11, Queens – 12. Kings count as 13 and can be removed on their own. All other cards count at their face value. Cards must not be covered. Thus when an Ace rests on a Queen, that Queen can not be removed. While playing "Temp Store" mode, one card at a time however can be moved to temporary card store (next to stock) to increase your options. You may draw cards from the Stock one at a time and match it with any exposed card. Each time the set is removed the score is increased. Once pyramid is cleared extra bonus is awarded. The bonus is increased if all the cards were discarded. The score is proportional to the number of consecutive won games and/or game level .


  • Classical gameplay
  • Optimized for touch devices

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6 July 2014

No response


21 March 2014

Is a very good I like and I enjoy good like have this game


28 December 2013

I recommend downloading this version. There are several ranges of difficulty and there are many more options than other free versions I've played. I don't know how to save a game to resume later, so I've discarded some rather high-scoring sessions. Also, I'm hoping to determined how many levels are possible. I've never found the end!


12 July 2013

I like this game as it is addicting, but it is also difficult enough to keep you interested in trying again when you fail.