QR Mate

QR Mate is a very simple yet intuitive QR code generator app which helps you to generate QR codes of any link or text.


  • Generates QR codes
  • Save generated codes to disk
  • Share directly using the share charm

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16 April 2015

Keyboard pops up automatically and covers the input box so you have to close the keyboard, select the box and reopen the keyboard.


4 May 2014

This app is a qr code generator. It does not scan qr codes. Look closely at the example screens. That is the entire app. You enter a URL and it generates a qr code. You can save the code to disk or share it. Very easy and straight forward interface.


27 September 2013

I downloaded this app on a Microsoft surface but it doesn't do anything.


24 September 2013

It works exactly how I wanted it to making QR codes fast and easy. Really pleased with this app.