Quick and Easy Mandarin Chinese Lessons

Learn how to speak Chinese with lessons, courses, audio, activities and quizzes, including the alphabet, phrases, vocabulary, pronunciation, parts of speeches, grammar and many more. -Alphabets -Alphabets Quiz -Vowels Theory -Vowels Pronunciation -Alphabets Charts -Numbers Theory -Numbers Audio -Numbers Quiz - Noun - Pronoun - Verb - Adjective - Adverb - Preposition - Conjunction - Body Parts - Fruits and Vegetables - Frequently Used Chinese Words - Sets of Vocabulary


  • Learn how to speak Chinese
  • Chinese Vocabulary
  • Chinese Pronunciation
  • Chinese Parts of Speeches
  • Chinese Grammar

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15 October 2015

Very useful APP!! Great vocabulary and audio vocab!


2 September 2015

Not very eye pleasing or memorable but a good source of quick test prep info


20 March 2015

The free version is not very inclusive, but contains enough to get a beginner familiarized with the basics of Mandarin, and some useful daily words/phrases that might help a beginner get started. Beyond that, if you have some familiarization then the free version won't help you much. I am still considering purchasing the full app (in-app purchase of lessons), but not completely certain if it'll be worth it.


3 October 2014

really interesting app it help me master my mandarin,am learning it at college but this gave me a push thnx


8 September 2014

Helps me learn more than what I'm doing


7 August 2014

I mean it's like, use the reader, use the reader, use the dang READER!! O my God are they gonna keep doin this...


28 July 2014

very helpful for real beginners


21 June 2014