QuickPaste is an application that lets you save snippets of text that you use frequently so that you can later paste them into other apps. This is invaluable in Windows RT because the browser cannot use plugins — so you cannot use password managers as part of the browser itself. Ever have an app or a website that simply won't remember your username? Have a membership card number you need to paste into an email? Have 3 different addresses that you need to text at different times? Quickpaste lets you save all the info and then with one tap, copies it to your clipboard so you can paste it into any app you want. Quickpaste supports a well implemented docked mode, so you can put it on the side and tap on your items to copy them — a very convenient way to access your notes when filling up online forms. When the application opens, just tap once on any item to copy it to the clipboard. To add new items, just press the Add button on the top right. If you want to delete an item, select it first (using a mouse, right click it; using a touch computer, swipe down on it). Send your feedback to app@sushovan.de This app does not connect to the internet and does not transmit your data beyond its intended use in copying to the system clipboard.


  • One touch copy of items
  • Well implemented dock mode for quickly pasting multiple items

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26 January 2015

Wanted to use this to assist in filling out job applications by setting up pastes for each field I would normally have to type out (Start Date, Previous Wages, Supervisor, Phone Numbers, etc.) Unfortunately, it will not allow me to access more than 12 'Pastes' at any time. Increase this to at least 50 accessible 'Pastes' and I would rate at 4 stars. Backup to OneDrive and sync with Mobile Phone version and/or allow resorting of 'Pastes' for the fifth star. Overall, this is a fantastic start and the most simple and elegant solution I've found to do what it does! Please update number of available 'Pastes'!


14 August 2014

I use this application all the time ... Makes Windows 8.1 so much easier to use via touch. Very easy interface to easily copy frequent items and past them into Internet Explorer. Love it and recommend it highly. Well done and thank you!


21 February 2014

very simple but very effective.. Name your clip, paste the clip content and that's it


18 September 2012

Nice idea and works pretty well!