Ranma 1/2

Are you tired of searching YouTube videos for Ranma 1/2? Here is a collection of videos by season.This app has over 100+ Ranma 1/2 episodes. You could find these same episodes on YouTube but why waste your time? Just get this app and start watching totally free. 1) Pause, Play,Stop. 2) Full screen support. 3) Beautiful interface, slick design, fast loading and great experience. 4)Snapped, Flipped, Full Screen view Get this app; Do it, do it now!


  • Pause, Play,Retry Video
  • Snapped, Flipped, Full Screen view

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17 August 2015

To many adds


22 June 2015

I tried to load it and all it says is "This video failed to play." The app is a SCAM.


23 May 2015

it doesn't work.....what a shocker I would of loved to watched this. But just to let you guys know it does it keeps saying failed video.


1 January 2015

It is good app. Runs easy.


25 September 2014

I click on an episode and it just kicks me out the tile screen. I wish I coud choose no stars.


3 August 2014

NOTHING at all would play. It just kept closing.


19 July 2014

Doesn't work


16 June 2014

It will not play the videos. I clicked on the episode(s) and it will not load, it just closes/crashes. This app would be great if it would work.


10 June 2014

I like the idea of this app and would really like to use it but each time I try it never loads or closes.


25 January 2014

I've been trying to find this show for ages

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