ROMULAN 2014™ Surface

R O M U L A N C O N V O Y R A I D E R 2 0 1 4 ™ Surface Romulan Warship Simulator CONVOY RAIDER 2014™ is a computer-simulated battle. You clash with enemy Federation Constitution Class warships and attack Federation freighters in convoy. You control a Romulan vessel armed with plasma torpedos and disruptors in order to destroy as many convoy ships as possible; a computer program directs the enemy.


  • 3 Scenarios - Disrupt and Destroy Federation Convoy Freighters and Warships
  • Vector Graphics / Fast Action Strategy Gaming / Computer Directs up to 9 Federation Enemy Ships / Classical 70s Algorthims
  • For Microsoft Surface Tablets
  • Minimum System Requirements: Windows 8 / 768 x 1366 pixel screen

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22 March 2015

plasma torpedos, warp factor 15!, to destroy Federation heavy cruisers aka kirk and spock