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    Windows 10 users should consider switching to RPN Scientific X, which works on Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and phones. RPN Scientific Version 4.0 Has been modified to work smoothly with Windows 10. Several minor bugs were fixed and the display changed to automatically switch from fixed to scientific notation if no significant digits are visible in fixed mode. The tape display now always uses the same group and decimal dividers as the main display.

RPN Scientific

RPN Scientific is a scientific Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator based on the venerable Hewlett Packard 10C scientific calculator. This version is still supported, but Windows 10 users should consider switching to RPN Scientific X, which works on Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and phones. This older version was designed especially for Windows 8.1 and has been tested in Windows 10. It is free, does not contain any advertisements, and does not collect information about you or your computer. RPN Scientific performs most of the 10C’s math functions. It has a 1,000 level stack and supports ten store and recall memory locations which are saved when the app is closed. Version 3.0 supports keyboard input, as well as mouse and touch inputs. RPN Scientific provides fixed, scientific, general, and currency number formats with country-specific number grouping and decimal separators. The application shows results of numerical operations in a separate “tape” window. This is useful for making sure the entries were correct. Tape entries can be cleared and copied to the clip board. RPN Scientific also supports a special “sum” function for quickly adding a group of numbers together. It also calculates the average of the group and its standard deviation.


  • Calculations are performed with double precision accuracy.
  • Fourteen basic mathematical functions are provided, ranging from 1/x to inverse trigonometric functions.
  • Accepts keyboard, mouse, and touch inputs
  • Supports fixed, scientific, general, and currency formats with user-specified display accuracy.
  • Tape feature shows each mathematical operation
  • Sum feature allows rapid entry of numbers for addition and documents process in tape window.
  • Complete state of application, including stack and storage registers saved when application closes
  • Free with no adds
  • Does not gather information about you or your computer
  • Clear button erases all tape entries, copy button places then on the clip board
  • Supports country-specific number group and decimal separators and currency formats

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2 May 2015

the box on the right side does not function very well when scrolling up or down, and no button for clear, which is very important


4 December 2014

wish I could use it not in full screen. rating would be 5 if I did not have to use it full screen. Curtis@steinhour.net


26 November 2014

Unfortunately the changes in the current Windows 10 Preview make this almost unusable. The app does not resize on my Surface Pro to an aspect that all the keys are visible. This can be fixed by sending to fullscreen mode, but it is not an elegant solution for how the preview currently works. This isn't really a knock to this developer but I can't adequately review the app in the current state on my device.


13 March 2014

Doesn't seem like the tape works quite like it should. It loses focus on the current data/operations. It would also be nice to be able to clear the tape.


12 December 2013

There needs to be some auditory feedback when a key is clicked to give the user confidence that the input was entered as intended. The display on the right is nice, but some immediate feedback, as one gets from the Surface keyboard, would merit 5 stars.


11 July 2013

I grew up with HP calculators in the 80's and 90's and this is one of the best for Window's 8. Thank you.


15 May 2013

Seems like a solid app, but it does not allow the use of a keyboard to input numbers. Perhaps this will be added.


30 April 2013

"Enter" key does not flash when you press it.