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    In this update: Support for synced options with Windows Phone 8.1 or other Windows 8 devices, Changed Settings page to Flyout, Fixed error that may cause app crash Previous updates: Added thumbnail to toast and tile notifications when available, Changed search method to search results page, Fixed error video still playing in background in web view, when pressed back button, Changed main page to show feed sources in groups, Incremented available feed sources to 16, Add support missing author in some feed sources. New Search Feature, with search results page. Is now possible to search in any page of the App Added Option to Send a Feed to a Secondary Tile; Added button to read the article on the Browser; Improved the article search inside a Feed functionality; Added support to "feed://" protocol to subscribe new feeds; Added support for Spanish language.

RSS Feeds Reader

Keep track of news with simple and easy to use RSS Feeds Reader. Available with live tile, toast notification, and lock screen notification support. Available also for Windows Phone 8.1 (only bought once for both) with sync feeds sources and settings. Add your favorite Feed Sources and follow the News of your favorite Websites. Support both RSS and Atom. Try it free!


  • Live tile, notification and lock screen notification support,
  • Synced Options across Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices,
  • Support up to 16 feed sources,
  • Search articles,
  • Share news by email,
  • Add feed source to a secondary tile with individual tile notification,
  • Snap view available.
  • Support for both atom and RSS feeds.

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27 December 2014

Does not update in a timely manner; no help file to assist in the use. Should not be this difficult to follow an RSS Feed.