Save the earth

Enemy is trying to invade your home planet earth, you are now only hope left, so grab your mouse or your finger and shoot'em all. Remember they will try to kill you, so better WATCH OUT!!!


  • Support both mouse clicks and touch input
  • Lite application

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23 June 2013

good game


15 June 2013

nicely implemented for my touch screen laptop


3 June 2013

Zero stars is not an option so I will have to live with one. This game is horrible. Apps like this will only give the Microsoft Store a bad name. There is one type of enemy that slowly moves down from the top and random bullets follow. You fly back and forth very slowly while shooting automatically. Then, after about 5 dead enemies, your game suddenly ends with "Game Over". This game could seriously be developed in an hour or two including graphics. Seriously, avoid wasting your time.


10 May 2013

A must app for your windows client.


8 May 2013

Nyc app to spend Tym


7 May 2013

Nice time pass :)