School Binder

THE PERFECT ORGANIZATION & NOTE TAKING APP FOR STUDENTS & TEACHERS: Nominated for the InnTeach Education App of the Year for 2013 Contest!!! This App was designed by a Classroom Teacher who specialized in College Prep Classes for High School Students. Now UPDATED with the ability to take Cornell Notes, create Flashcards, and do your work on an Interactive Whiteboard! (Note to Buyers: Some reviews on our app were done before we released the update adding notes, flashcards & the whiteboard. Please note the date to receive an accurate review.)   STUDENTS: Tired of those heavy binders and that big backpack you have to lug around all day? Take your notes, create flashcards for studying, do work on an interactive whiteboard, and then save it all on your Windows 8 Tablet or Laptop and have it ALL organized and easily accessible!!!   TEACHERS: Do you have to keep files full of student work samples to show progress or justify grades? Save them by student on your favorite Windows 8 device and have them at your fingertips for all those important conferences & meetings!!! Also use the notes, flashcards & interactive whiteboard to prepare and present your lessons.   BONUS: School Binder's calendar allows you to enter "Reminders" of tests, assignments due or other important deadlines and will give you convenient notices of these reminders on your "Start" page.   With School Binder, you can save all your school materials by subject or student, and then also by category under the subject tile. Simply take a picture or screenshot of your work, upload work as a PDF or document, chose a flipped classroom video, or saved presentation, then pick the category tile in which you want to store the entry. Or, if you are a teacher, you may create a tile for each of your students and save their work samples through out the school year.   Category Tiles under each subject/student tab include:   -Course Outline -Notes -Projects -Graded Papers -Study Guides -Reviews -Graded Notes Other (For any items that don't fit the above classifications) And recently added: the ability to create your own category   The app also includes a calendar that will keep track of your entries by day and by assignment. This makes it easy to go back and review notes, study past tests, view flashcards, and be assured that your work is never lost. Plus, a general portfolio category is included to keep information such as course registration, graduation plans, or anything else you need to have handy and easily accessible.   In addition, the app can be password protected, with a helpful hint so you will never forget your password.   The app can be customized for non-students to help organize life, take notes, or write and save messages using the whiteboard. The subject tiles and categories can be personalized to your desire and this will allow you have all of your important document always at your fingertips.   TEACHERS & STUDENTS: Please visit the “Tutorial” site for User Instructions and information on how to use this app in the classroom or for other collaborative discussions.


  • Document organizer for both students and teachers
  • Enter exams and assignment due dates in your calendar for reminders.
  • Unlimited number of subjects and notes
  • Notes can be taken in the Cornell Notes format
  • Interactive Whiteboard included
  • Create your own Flashcards to make studying easier

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12 December 2014

Poor support. I actually liked the app. It was accidently uninstalled from my laptop when being repaired and now it will not let me re-download. I have sent and e-mail with no response.


15 October 2014

...however, I am unable to open the files once I upload them. Also would like to be able to delete some of the files that came with the program that I won't use, but I can't do that either. Maybe these are bugs only on the Surface 2, not sure.


13 March 2014

Too cumbersome to use as a note taking system with college classes; would have to take notes elsewhere and then transfer into this for it to be functional (and that's just never going to happen.) Whiteboard seems cool until you realize how tiny it is- way too small to use except for maybe a small diagram or something. Calendar function is awkward. Save your money! The store really needs to at least give trial versions of this type of thing before people spend money on apps that can't work for them.


11 January 2014

The addition of Cornell Notes to this app has been great. We are a 1:1 school and all my students are using this.


20 December 2013

I have had my AVID students use the Cornell Notes for a semester now and the note taking and whiteboard functions are great. I really like the way they can bring in graphics to the whiteboard and label them for reviews, then email them and the notes to me for grading. Really great app for secondary classrooms.


12 December 2013

This app is fine if you only need to use your computer to keep track of your school work. I really like the way that it organizes your work. The problem is sharing the information to other devices. It will share to SkyDrive but there is no organization of files on sky drive so trying to find something on another devise is difficult. If it linked with an android app it would be the perfect tool to organize school work.


27 September 2013

I bought this app for my daughter to use and she loves it. Thanks for developing!!


7 September 2013

My school has just mandated the use of Cornell notes in all classes and this app is now perfect for that. And I also love the Whiteboard. These were great additions to the app


12 June 2013

Great app that solves my immediate needs. Would be great if it has a built-in media viewer so that the app doesn't switches every time I want to view an item.


18 May 2013

This app looked like it would be a good addition to my MS Windows Surface Pro. However, I was unable to type or draw directly on pages in the binder nor tap to open different divider tabs. It provides tappable tiles instead of tabs I guess. But the disappointment to me is that you can't add notes unless those notes are contained on separate files that you insert from elsewhere. For example, I wanted to put a photo on the page, that worked fine, but then I couldn't write or draw on that or any ot