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    In this update, we added new features and fixed screen rotation bug

Science Unit Converter 8.1

Scientists, engineers, and students: Let Science Unit Converter 8.1 save your time and money. Science Unit Converter 8.1 is one of the best unit converters on the market. Science Unit Converter 8.1 is carefully designed for Windows 8.1. If you still have Windows 8, we are recommending that you download our previous realize called Science Unit Converter. Currently Science Unit Converter 8.1 can handle more than 80 different conversion categories as are: Acceleration, Acceleration-Angular, Amount of Substance, Angle, Angle (Solids), Angular Velocity, Area, Calorific Value, Capacitance, Charge, Chemical-Henry's Law, Concentration - Liquid Solution, Concentration - Molar, Conductance, Conductivity, Current, Data Storage, Data Transfer, Density, Digital Image Resolution, Distance, Dynamic Viscosity, Electric Field, Energy, Entropy, Flow, Flow - Mass, Flow - Molar, Force, Fractions, Frequency Wavelength, Fuel Efficiency, Heat Capacity, Heat Flux Density, Heat Transfer Coefficient, HVAC Efficiency, Hydrometer, Illumination, Illumination - Luminous Intensity, Inductance, Kinematic Viscosity, Latent Heat, Length, Light, Linear Change Density, Linear Current Density, Luminance, Magnetic Field Strength, Magnetic Flux, Magnetic Flux Density, Magnetomotive Force, Mass, Mass Flux Density, Moment of Inertia, Permeability, Power, Pressure, Radiation - Absorbed Dose, Radiation - Absorbed Dose Rate , Radiation - Dose Equivalent, Radiation Exposure, Radiation Radioactivity, Resistance, Resistivity, Sound, Specific Heat, Specific Volume, Speed, Surface Charge Density, Surface Current Density, Surface Tension, Temperature, Temperature Interval, Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Expansion, Time, Torque, Typography, Velocity, Velocity - Angular, Velocity - Dynamic, Velocity - Kinematic, Volume, Volume – Dry, Volume Lumber, and Volume - Charge Density. For example, with Length selected, you would be able to handle the following conversions: aln, angstrom (Å), arpent, astronomical unit (AU), attometer (am), barleycorn, caliber, centimeter (cm), chain [engineer's], chain [Gunter's], cloth span, cubic [Biblical], cubic [Greek], decimeter (dm), dekameter (dam), exameter (Em), famn, fathom (ftm), femtometer (fm), fermi (fm), fingerbreadth [Biblical], foot (ft), foot [US survey], furlong, gigameter (Gm), hand, handbreadth [Biblical], hectometer (hm), inch (in), ken, kilometer (km), kiloparsec (Kpc), league, light year (ly), link, long cubit [Biblical], long reed [Biblical], megameter (Mm), megaparsec (Mpc), meter (m), micrometer (μm), mil (mil), mil [Sweeden], mile [Roman], mile (mi) [US], millimeter (mm), nanometer (nm), nautical mile (M), parsec (pc), perch, petameter (Pm), pica, picometer (pm), planck, point, pole, reed [Biblical], rod, Roman actus, Russian archin, span [Biblical], terameter (Tm), twip, vara castellana, vara de tarea, and yard (yd). An another example, with Energy selected, you would be able to handle the following conversions: attojoule (aJ), British thermal unit (BTU) - international table, British thermal unit (BTU) – thermochemical, calorie (cal) - international table, calorie (cal) – nutritional, calorie (cal) – thermochemical, dyne-centimeter (dyn-cm), electron volt (eV), erg, feet-pound (ft-lb), gigajoule (GJ), gigawatt-hour (GWH), gram force-centimeter, gram force-meter, horsepower-hour (hph), inch-ounce (in-oz), inch-pound (in-lb), joule (J), kilocalorie (kcal) - international table, kilocalorie (kcal) – thermochemical, kiloelectron volt (keV), kilogram force-centimeter (kg F-cm), kilogram force-meter (kg F-m), kilojoule (kJ), kiloton, kilowatt-hour (kWH), MBTU, megaelectron volt (MeV), megajoule (MJ), megaton, megawatt-hour (MWH), meter-kilopond (m-kp), microjoule (µJ), millijoule (mJ), nanojoule (nJ), newton-meter (Nm), ounce force-inch (oz f-in), pound force-foot (lb f-ft), pound force-inch (lb f-in), poundal-foot (p-ft), therm (thm), ton (explosives), ton-hour (refrigeration), watt-hour (W-H), and watt-second (W-s). For example, with Fractions selected, you would be able to transfer decimal number (for example 105.225) into fraction number (4209/40), or integer number plus fraction number, (105+9/40). Science Unit Converter 8.1 is capable to do all unit conversions. If you find something missing, let us know, and we will implement that trough updates of the software. Snapped interface is allowed for all screen sizes, which gives you opportunity for side by side work with another apps as you can see for screenshot pictures. Science Unit Converter 8.1 has Copy and Paste buttons, which allow you to fast paste numbers into Science Unit Converter 8.1 as well as to copy numbers from Science Unit Converter 8.1 and past into another apps. Also, Invert Selection button is available into Science Unit Converter 8.1 for fast reversion, opposing selection of selected items under Input and Output. The colors of the text, buttons, and background into Science Unit Converter 8.1 are carefully selected to minimize power usage and keep your tablets and laptops live for long time (“GO GREEN”). At App Bar, which you can get by sliding the finger from the bottom of the screen to the top or clicking on right taster on mouse, you can set up desire decimal rounding, policy, and current version of the software. Every day we are working on Science Unit Converter 8.1 adding the new conversion categories. Our plan is to make Science Unit Converter 8.1 the most popular unit converter program on the planet.


  • All future updates of Science Unit Converter 8.1 will be free for current users. New options are coming soon.

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21 November 2013

Really liked the snapped interface.