Solitaire Maximum

This is the original solitaire game app for Windows 8. Taking a shuffled standard 52-card deck of playing cards, one upturned card is dealt on the left of the playing area, then six downturned cards (from left to right). On top of the downturned cards, an upturned card is dealt on the left-most downturned pile, and downturned cards on the rest until all piles have an upturned card. The four foundations (light rectangles in the upper right of the figure) are built up by suit from Ace (low in this game) to King, and the tableau piles can be built down by alternate colors, and partial or complete piles can be moved if they are built down by alternate colors also. Any empty piles can be filled with a King or a pile of cards with a King. The aim of the game is to build up a stack of cards starting with 2 and ending with King, all of the same suit. Once this is accomplished, the goal is to move this to a foundation, where the player has previously placed the Ace of that suit.


  • Optimized for all screen sizes
  • Made for touch screens

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2 February 2015

Can't change anything about the game.


15 December 2014

this is the only solitaire game I've encountered that SUCKS


12 December 2014

Do the adds have to cover up the playing cards!!?? Are you kidding me? Total Garbage! Should get ZERO stars!!


4 October 2014

What am I doing wrong. The game will not start ! Abbas Kaka


6 September 2014

no worth the effort. difficult to navigate. more an advertising vehicle for the software company.