Street Cricket

The rough play, the dust, the nostalgia of cricket in your own gully; that is what Street Cricket is all about! In this version the rules are modified to suit the ground situation while the usual excitement of the game remains intact. Overs: You can play 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 over match. Toss: By winning the toss you have the option to bat or bowl first. Your Team: There are five players to a team. Batsmen are predefined but you can select your bowlers from the players available. After finishing one game you can start another. How to Score: You can score single runs by running between the wicket If you hit over the building you score 2 runs If you hit the wall you score 1 run


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21 March 2016

my favourite games no 2 1 wcc pro and 2


10 January 2015

It's very nice game. But , 1. how to hit a six? 2. how to hit a boundary? 3.How to take 2 and 3 runs? 4.How to bowl? I hope that you'll answer my questions.


4 August 2013

it is a wonder ful game