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Your personalized Bible for reading and study. The AcroBible, Study Bible is a native, offline application designed for a fast interactive experience that makes it easy to search and navigate the Bible. It is loaded with features, including fast keyword or phrase search, verse tagging with keywords, daily reading plans, copy functionality, highlight functionality, note-taking, and more. Synchronize notes and highlights with Get free translation downloads: ASV, WEB, YLT, Darby, RVA, LSG, AA Get free study tool downloads, including Easton's Bible Dictionary, KJV with Strong's numbers, Greek NT, Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary, and Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary, Thompson Topics, Spurgeon's Morning and Evening, Daily Light on the Daily Path. Purchase additional resources from in-app store: NAS, ESV translations.


  • Enjoy fast, interactive Bible experience
  • Search, tag, copy, highlight, and more
  • Get free study tool downloads
  • Synchronize notes and highlights online

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7 March 2016

This seems pretty good except in the parallel mode, the main frame doesn't scroll; only the comparative text; and there is a page turner on the comparative text, but no way to turn the page on the main frame... at first I could at least click forward, but then that stopped. this is a pretty dumb oversight.... and, you can't highlight the comparative text, only the main frame...


24 May 2015

I had the Arco bible for Droid. It was good for tablet use. The hope was for a replication. Silly me; it wasn't even close. Furthermore, it didn't even work correctly. It is really a shame, as I was looking forward to it.


16 January 2015

For some reason I had it working on windows 8.1 but it's not working in windows 10


6 August 2014

I'm still waiting for Tecarta to make an app for Windows, all my notes are there, but I can take notes and highlight here, too, which is what I want. And it will save it!


28 June 2014

I enjoy using this app, but there one primary improvement that I feel should be added for this app to truly become my primary tool for Bible study. If I'm not mistaken, this app does not currently divide chapters into the paragraph divisions indicated in hard copy Bibles. For instance, Isaiah 48:9 begins a new paragraph at the conclusion of Isaiah 48:8. The Study Bible app does not show these types of divisions which, to me, is vital when I study to more accurately understand each portion of Scripture. While inconvenient, I can live with the lack of portrait mode support and the lack of page scrolling. I do, however, appreciate that I John 5:8 capitalizes "Spirit" when some hard copies and apps do not. Again, nice app, but I would very much like to see paragraph divisions added.


28 May 2014

I am unable to Unselect a portion I highlighted by mistake. So far so good though.


26 April 2014



9 April 2014

This Bible app is great. The ability to have a comfortable margin notes, or other version open right beside the text is awesome. Just wish it had a more efficient way to get to next page or scroll through verses. Please update that!!


30 March 2014

Hasn't been installed for more than two minutes on my surface. Why? No portrait mode. Completely unacceptable.


2 March 2014

Can't scroll first page

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