Tablet PC Mouse Manager

It is an application to manage desktop virtual touch pad "Tablet PC Mouse". "Tablet PC Mouse Manager" is store app. "Tablet PC Mouse" is desktop application for Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or later.


  • Fullscreen next generation Touchpad function
  • Create onscreen buttons for hotkeys and shortcuts
  • Make new gestures to perform common (or uncommon) tasks
  • Transparent keyboard options
  • Free access to the latest Tablet PC Mouse Software download
  • On screen buttons for tablet gaming play (in windowed mode)
  • more...

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29 November 2015

Finally, a tool that will turn a tablet in to a viable substitute for a Wacom Cintiq! Tool works great and the support is outstanding. Only took me about 30 minutes to create a toolbar to use with Zbrush on my Lenovo Thinkpad 14 Yoga. Highly recommended!


21 July 2015

Great for artists seeking a physical keyboard and mouse replacement.


14 July 2015

I am an aging traditional artist making the switch to digital. I bought an ASUS PT201Q pen-enabled monitor. Like a Wacom Cintiq or the Huion tablets....more like the latter because it has no special function keys on the tablet and the pen has only limited options for it's two buttons. Thanks to Tablet PC Mouse Manager I now have all the special function buttons I can dream of using...and I can place them anywhere I want on the screen. This incredible program changed the amount of time I use my new ASUS monitor/tablet. I went from using it a few hours a day to using it ALL the time. Again this is an amazing program and you won't find better tech support anywhere. I am pretty thick-headed and like super easy step-by-step instructions on even the simplest task on a computer and Justice never lost patience with me as I made all my silly mistakes in getting a custom set of keys set up. He even offered to make a video to help me. Do yourself a favor...GET THIS PROGRAM !!! 10 Stars


7 May 2015

This app is very useful for digital sculpting and painting on a tablet. You don't want the keyboard out while you're working but you still need access to certain keys to perform certain actions which makes this app invaluable. I also like being able to position the wheel mouse scroll bar wherever I want since I'm left-handed. Almost all programs I've used have scroll bars on the right side which can cause your left-hand to get in the way of the screen as you scroll. Anyway highly recommended! :-)


7 April 2015

I can't believe I used my Surface Pro without this program. This makes it soooo much easier to use desktop apps on my tablet. Pretty cool that I can also use this to put buttons on the screen to play games.