The Decider

Sometimes you need Presidential greatness to assist you through those difficult moments. Our nation's chief prognosticator and greatest President in the history of the Universe: George W. Bush is here to help. Formulate your question and concentrate with great vigor. The decider responds effectively to any yes or no question. Just click Decide, and you will get your answer. This fun and simple application is great for fans of both the President and the good old Magic Eight Ball toy.


  • President George W. Bush answers any yes or no question with amazing accuracy!
  • A collection of images of the national archives and the white house complete the experience.

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9 May 2013

My job in IT is super stressful. I am a vet and this great app makes me laugh. Repeatedly. Huahh!


14 December 2012

Family had a great time asking George W to decide for us!