The Pharoah's Stone

The “The Pharaoh's Stone” is a fun puzzle game . The goal of the game is to clear all the grid, matching two or more block of the same color. The user loses a life if a single block is clicked. HOW TO PLAY: Click or touch a block to remove it and all adjacent blocks with the same color. Rremaining life is displayed in the bottom left corner. Strategy: Achieve high score by clearing as many blocks as possible at a time.


  • HD resolution
  • easy game play

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11 August 2015

I think this game would be better if it did not go back to level one all the time I think you should have to repeat the level you lose


18 July 2015

Love the game - find it very addicting....would give it 5 stars. Would be nice to earn an extra "heart"(for lack of better word) instead of just the 3 given; like if you finish a level w/no stones left or if you use your last "heart" and have no stones left it would be nice to go onto the next level and give that level a try, just to see the next level and how far you could get. How many levels are there anyways??!! I can only get to level 5


16 July 2015

Very addictive game. Great fun.


10 July 2015

Enjoy the game, makes me think ahead!!


4 July 2015

haven't been able to get passed level 4....wish you didn't have to start from the beginning every time.


29 June 2015

The music is a knock-off from Indiana Jones and it's off key just enough to ANNOY me. The game is a copy of blast the Balls and it's absolutely NO fun. Especially when it groans.......Not a new game at all...just a bad copy...I'm gone.


28 June 2015

I like the premise of the game. I wish when you get "out" that you have the ability to restart on the level where you finished instead of going back to level one Otherwise pretty good game.


23 June 2015

some levels are a little hard. fun game, though


17 June 2015

The idea is fun and challenging, but it is stands as a terrible game because you can't get past level 4. It doesn't matter how much strategy you put in to it, losing the few lives you get is impossible to avoid in the first couple levels. Needs some fixing


14 June 2015

I think this is a great game for anyone who needs to apply logic or increase problem solving. I use it in place of word searches to try to repair my damaged brain. Very hard to do, haven't gotten past level 4 yet. Frustrating, but fun, too.

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