The Sandman's Hour - Abbie Phillips Walker

A full featured audiobook player for The Sandman's Hour by Abbie Phillips Walker Reading bedtime stories to children can be a wonderful way to relax and at the same time act out the exciting things happening in the story for them. If you've done it, you know the feeling and if you haven't I can only hope that you were the rapt audience for such stories when a child. We can let ourselves go and perform all the parts with abandon because the only audience are those who unreservedly appreciate our thespian talents. These 25 stories are all original and all sparkling examples of Abby Walker's ability to spin a witty story that is fun to read and listen to. Don't you really want to know about The Good Sea Monster? The Shoemaker Rat or most of all, The Disorderly Girl? If not, you may go back to listening to Kant with my blessing. (Summary by Phil Chenevert)


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