The Sweets of India

Want to relish the desi Indian aromatic tastes..Presto! India has always been a melange of tastes .The spices and pure natural tastes are panaceas to your daily monotonous lives. My App,The Indian Sweets, pertains to all the sweets which have been wooing the people from all over the world. I've agglomerated all the sweets which have their own fame in different parts of India,so that you may get the entire stuff at a single central point. This app is compatible with any CPU(neutral) and it contains some of the scintillating features like Media Capture which integrates photo as well as video sharing.You can share your recipe content with a single click.Search is also one among the features of this app. Reminder has also been added which pulls you back to the app the moment you get strayed from it,through a single click.Semantic zoom has also been handled to facilitate easy navigation. Despite these, if you've got any queries regarding any recipe or any suggestion that you would like to present,feel free to elucidate it via mail. Make each today and every moment special with your family members, by bringing out new recipes for them. Wish you a very happy cooking!


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24 January 2014

aweosome collection of colouful pictures of sweets......but still the absence of video is major con of this app....however a nice try by kusmakar broi