The Ultimate Movie Database

The Ultimate Movie Database is the perfect way to organize all your movies and TV series. Let's face it, most people have tons of movies and TV series. This helps you catalog them and search them with ease. It will work for people who own a Network Media Tank Popcorn Hour or those that do not. We think we have the perfect set of features and it is simple to use. It has all the features you want in a Movie/TV series database. Adding Movies and TV series There are two modes 1. Automatic mode lets you type in the title or part of the title of a movie or TV series. This will do an online search using a well known data source and with a simple click you can add it to your collection. 2. Manual mode lets you type in a title and year and then allow you to enter all of your own information. Search: 1. Search by Movie Title 2. Search by TV Series Title 3. Search by Actor name 4. Search by last 100 movies added 5. Show 100 random movies 6. Show all movies without a file name Movie Edit Features 1. Photos of actors 2. Add your own backdrop 3. Add your own cover art 4. Add your own file path for the Popcorn Hour 5. Rate it 6. Edit Genre 7. Edit Writers 8. Edit Directors 9. Edit Year 10. Edit Title 11. Edit Run time TV Series Edit Features 1. Add your own cover art 2. Add your own backdrop 3. Add or Remove Seasons 4. Add or Remove Episodes 5. Add cover art for each episode 6. Add your own file path for each episode for the Popcorn Hour 7. Edit All aspects of any episode - writers, directors, guest actors, genre, rating etc. 8. Edit the main TV series detail like overview and main cast etc Popcorn Hour NOTE: The Ultimate Movie Database works without a popcorn hour, but will not play movies from the app at this time. We are working on that. We plan on including that in upcoming versions. 1. Instructions provided on how to buy your own Popcorn Hour 2. Instructions on how to set up your Popcorn Hour 3. Works in multiple rooms/Popcorn Hours 4. Seamless integration 5. Takes your Popcorn Hour to the next level!


  • Catalog your movies today so you can play your movies on a Popcorn Hour

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3 July 2013

Sadly, this is the best windows 8 app available to manage a movie collection that I've seen so far. Too bad it has so many bugs and so little support. It crashes at some point almost every time I use it. It has a lot of potential, but no follow-up to make it better.


25 April 2013

I downloaded this app a while ago and forgot about it. I loaded it and was prompted to login or create an account. When trying to create an account the "Create Account" button would not respond. Sorry, but I can't rate this better than one star simply because it does not work.


4 April 2013

I used this app to enter all the movies & tv series that I own. Now I can easily see what I own by doing a simple search. I went the extra step and purchased a popcorn hour just because of this app. I already had my collection in digital format. I followed the instructions on their website to set up my popcorn hour and enter the file paths in my movie database and it was a breeze. My setup is with NAS units, so I can play my movies on any tv with a popcorn hour using the play button in this app.


10 March 2013

Not even one star😠, giving one star coz of having try option before u buy, I did good by nt buying this, it never loads the vidio