Touch Anyway

Touch Anyway is a the most powerful window assistant app, which let Windows users work more efficiently and have more fun, comparing with iPad or Android Tablets. There are five main features supported by Touch Anyway. *****Download the engine before using Touch Anyway.******there is a convenient link within the app to obtain the engine,after install Engine,you can use all functions.


  • Virtual Gamepad supports most of games and software in windowed mode by simulating different kinds of keyboard operations like shortcuts, joysticks and mouse click, etc.
  • Virtual Mouse can precisely control the mouse pointer on touch screen, just like using the touchpad on laptop.
  • Video Assistant can let users control most of the video players by providing fast forward, backward, screen lock and light control and volume control with simple gestures, etc.
  • Night Mode provides users with customized transparent keyboard. And it can allow users to navigate IE browser in night mode and lower the lightness of the screen beyond the system Configuration.
  • Others Besides, Touch Anyway support Mem-cleaner with simple click and Efficient sleep, which can automatically turn off WIFI to save your tablet's power and re-open the WIFI when you wake it up.

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20 January 2016

Totally Awesome