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$ 5.99 LawTeX
LawTeX The best tool to write TeX/LaTeX document & the best friend of academics FEATURES LawTeX provides an integrated environment to compose, compile LaTeX documents to DVI files, and view the DVI result. * Much goodness of TeX: Like MiKTeX a.k.a. the standard TeX distribution for Windows PC, LawTeX can identify missing packages and offer to download missing ones. It supports many major engine-independent macro packages such as xypic, amsthm, babel, algorithmics, preprint, etc. on CTAN while packages for modern fonts such as true type, open type fonts or those depending on other engines (e.g. moderncv requires pdfTeX) are not available. * Highly optimized editor: Our LaTeX editor features a highly optimized editor, implemented in C++ using Direct X (the native graphic engines for Windows featured in most video games). It supports typical editing tools such as Undo/Redo, Cut/Copy/Paste, Selection, Go to line, Find/Replace/Replace All using regular expression, Line numbering, etc. * Productivity: support code completion. * Exceptional performance: Unlike MiKTeX, the memory footprint of this app is minute. The app is roughly 2MB in download size, roughly 10MB when installed compared to 300-450MB basic MiKTeX installation, discounting the packages. In addition, the document and temporary files are kept entirely in RAM so it not only makes compilation faster but also avoids wasting precious write cycles of your SSD and SD card. Unlike typical TeX editor which compile documents by executing TeX engines in external processes, LawTeX processes the source document within the app so there is no delay due to reloading the TeX engines, resources, etc. between compilations. The memory (RAM) usage is smaller than typical editor such as TeX Maker. * TeX on the go: available across your Windows 10 PC, tablet and Windows 10 mobile phones. The user interface is designed to make it easy to work on all these devices. For example: keyboard shortcuts on PC/tablet with physical keyboard; on-screen context menu to perform typical editing actions like Cut/Copy/Paste and text selection. This app registers .tex file extension so you can pick it as default app to open your LaTeX documents. IMPORTANT As a good practice, make sure ...