Training Microsoft Publisher 2013: Essential

Learn Microsoft Publisher 2013 with this comprehensive course from "HomeOffice", Application include 69 video lessons with over 4 hours of introductory through advanced instruction. Watch, listen and learn as your expert instructor guides you through each lesson step-by-step. You will learn how to create dynamic fliers, postcards & business cards, perform mail merges, preparing your projects for printing and much more. Playlist: CHAPTER 1- Getting Acquainted with Publisher Lesson 1.1- The Publisher Environment Lesson 1.2- The Title Bar Lesson 1.3- The Ribbon Lesson 1.4- The File Tab and Backstage View Lesson 1.5- The Quick Access Toolbar Lesson 1.6- Touch Mode Lesson 1.7- The Scroll Bars Lesson 1.8- The Page Layout View Buttons Lesson 1.9- The Zoom Slider and Zoom Button Lesson 1.10- The Status Bar Lesson 1.11- The Mini Toolbar Lesson 1.12- Keyboard Shortcuts CHAPTER 2- Creating Basic Publications Lesson 2.1- Creating New Publications Lesson 2.2- Changing the Publication Template Lesson 2.3- Using Business Information Lesson 2.4- Saving Publications Lesson 2.5- Closing Publications Lesson 2.6- Opening Publications Lesson 2.7- Inserting New Pages Lesson 2.8- Deleting Pages Lesson 2.9- Moving Pages CHAPTER 3- Basic Skills Lesson 3.1- Inserting Text Boxes Lesson 3.2- Inserting Shapes Lesson 3.3- Adding Text to Shapes Lesson 3.4- Inserting Your Own Pictures Lesson 3.5- Inserting Online Pictures Lesson 3.6- Inserting Picture Placeholders Lesson 3.7- Using the Scratch Area Lesson 3.8- Inserting Clip Art and Pictures Lesson 3.9- Moving, Resizing, and Rotating Objects Lesson 3.10- Deleting Objects Lesson 3.11- Using Find and Replace Lesson 3.12- Using AutoCorrect Lesson 3.13- Inserting WordArt CHAPTER 4- Formatting Objects Lesson 4.1- Formatting Text Lesson 4.2- Formatting Shapes Lesson 4.3- Formatting Clip Art and Pictures CHAPTER 5- Using Building Blocks Lesson 5.1- Creating Basic Building Blocks Lesson 5.2- Using Building Blocks CHAPTER 6- Master Pages Lesson 6.1- Using Master Pages CHAPTER 7- Customizing Schemes Lesson 7.1- Creating a Custom Color Scheme Lesson 7.2- Creating a Custom Font Scheme Lesson 7.3- Customizing Page Backgrounds CHAPTER 8- Using Tables Lesson 8.1- Creating and Deleting Tables Lesson 8.2- Selecting Table Elements Lesson 8.3- Inserting and Deleting Columns and Rows Lesson 8.4- Merging Text in Table Cells Lesson 8.5- Modifying Text in Table Cells Lesson 8.6- Formatting Tables CHAPTER 9- Page Setup and Layouts Lesson 9.1- Using Page Setup Lesson 9.2- Using Layout Guides Lesson 9.3- Using the Rulers CHAPTER 10- Mailings Lesson 10.1- Mail Merge Lesson 10.2- The Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard Lesson 10.3- Creating a Data Source Lesson 10.4- Selecting Recipients Lesson 10.5- Inserting and Deleting Merge Fields Lesson 10.6- Previewing a Merge Lesson 10.7- Detaching the Data Source Lesson 10.8- Finishing a Mail Merge Lesson 10.9- Merging a Catalog CHAPTER 11- Printing Lesson 11.1- Previewing and Printing Lesson 11.2- Using the Pack and Go Feature Lesson 11.3- Sharing and Exporting Publications CHAPTER 12- Helping Yourself Lesson 12.1- Using Publisher Help Take a look in the Windows Store for more "HomeOffice" training apps on all your favorite software tools.


  • Training Microsoft Publisher 2013
  • Training Microsoft Publisher 2013: Essential

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