Traveler’s phrasebook

Traveler's phrase-book - your language guide anywhere in the world. The application is available in Windows Store for FREE. After downloading and installing to your device , the text content of the whole application is fully available. Sound recordings have to be purchased. Are you going on holiday or on a business trip to a foreign country and you don’t speak the language of your destination? One must move around in a foreign environment while in a foreign country. You must move around to go to shops, to restaurants, to find accommodation, to rent a car or to go out for the night. Therefore, the Traveler’s phrase-book is a necessary and valuable guide appropriate in every country where you don´t have mastery of the local language. Also, locals are always pleased when you at least try to speak with them in their own language. With knowledge of English one can speak in 89 countries, with German in 10 countries, and with Italian in 7 countries. But with the Traveler’s phrasebook you can speak everywhere in the world. With the complete collection Traveler’s phrasebook, which contains 22 languages, you will be able to speak in approximately 215 countries (see for more details). Already, you no longer need any travel guides or dictionaries. Every language of the Traveler’s phrasebook is divided into 31 themes, which are frequently met while travelling. Therefore, the phrasebook is also useful in everyday life. Each theme includes sentences (phrases or words), which are prepared by native speakers. The range of themes covers the most normal, typical situations which you may encounter while travelling. You want to not only read, but also listen to these sentences, so that training your pronunciation is easy. You don´t have to struggle to speak; you can play a sentence out loud and the application will ‘speak‘ for you. After the purchase of individual languages or the more economical ‘whole set’ of languages, the phrases are ready for downloading to your device. Once you download them, you do not have to be online to use the application – you have all these phrases at your disposal anytime. In every language you will find 31 themes: * GENERAL EXPRESSIONS * GREETINGS AND INTRODUCTIONS * QUESTIONS AND GENERAL EXPRESSIONS * OPPOSITES * HOTEL, ACCOMMODATION * RESTAURANT * BREAKFAST * STARTERS * SOUPS * MEAT * FISH AND SEAFOOD * SIDE DISHES * VEGETABLES AND SALADS * FRUIT AND DESSERTS * BEVERAGES * COMPLAINTS * TRAVELLING BY TRAIN * TRAVELLING BY PLANE * TRAVELLING BY SHIP * TRAVELLING BY LOCAL TRANSPORT * TAXI * CAR HIRE COMPANY * SIGHTSEEING * RELAXING AND CULTURE * SHOPS, STORES AND SERVICES * BANK * POST OFFICE * TELEPHONE * DATE, TIME AND WEATHER * NUMBERS * EMERGENCY Every language of Traveler’s phrasebook contains approximately: * 600 sentences (congruent with a specific language series) * 30 minutes of audio recordings * 770 unique words (vocabulary)


  • Traveler's phrasebook in 22 languages
  • 31 themes
  • 600 sentences (congruent with a specific language series)
  • See
  • Enjoy your holiday

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