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TuneUp IncrediLock

TuneUp IncrediLock turns your Windows 8 lock screen into a powerful and elegant looking dashboard. With hundreds of stunning wallpapers and great widgets, TuneUp IncrediLock gives you your favorite information at a glance – without even having to log in! The app is completely free of charge and contains 400 beautiful wallpapers – all hand-picked by our editorial staff. Beautiful pictures are sorted by categories like “Nature”, “City Scene & Architecture”, “Animals” and many more. Of course, you can also add your own to the lock screen and enhance them with widgets. The first widget we’re going to launch with is “Sticky Note”: It allows you to place quick reminders or shopping lists directly on your lock screen. More exciting widgets like a picture frame, weather information and many more will follow soon.


  • Wallpapers to modify your Lockscreen
  • Sticky Note

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31 August 2014



14 May 2014

Still waiting for the update :)


7 January 2014

Eni Rohmawati Nawawi


1 January 2014

I really liked the pics that TuneUp team is selecting. Very cool :) Might as well include other widgets on the lock screen as well.


8 December 2013

This app deserves a full 5 stars but I've been using it for about 2 years now and still no word on the extra widgets other than sticky notes. Lost hope for them adding support for calendar as promised. Oh well, this is the best lock screen modification app in my opinion. Ya can't loose , its free to download.


28 September 2013

co gang hoc hanh cham. vi tuong lai ngay mai chi co minh moi no luc vi ban than minh duoc hay suy nghi ve gia dinh nhiu hon ^^^^^


6 August 2013

từ ngày 5/8 tôi quyết tâm học hành đến nơi đến chốn cuộc song như thế tôi đã nhận ra rằng mình cần cố gắng rất nhiều


8 May 2013

nho danh rang suc mieng truoc khi di ngu


9 April 2013

it's not. It is basically a gallery of images for your lockscreen, and a big ugly sticky note. You can find sticky note apps EVERYWHERE, and better images. It makes it seem as if a calendar and weather widget for lockscreen are pasrt of it , or coming soon, but they aren't. AND it seems to me that this app (just as crappy as most win 8 apps) is just a way to guide you to the TUNEUP website, to get you to buy their software. Well, I am about to try they 2 week free trial and if it sucks....


30 March 2013

You are not on the line

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