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    Updates in Release 2 * NEWLY ADDED - Ability to Follow or Unfollow people from the Search page. Tap on a Tweet in the search result to see the Tweeter's User Profile. You can choose to follow or unfollow them from the profile dialog. * BUG FIXES - Fixed a bug that caused app to crash on Re-Tweet for some users - Improved HomePage Image Rendering, the collage is now sharper - Improved color reproduction in Home Page collage tiles. - Fixed HomePage Image size issues where some avatars used to show up offset and or larger in size. - In the Send Update page, improved color contrast so that names and other links are properly visible. - In Tweet Details panel, added a label to show when the tweet was sent out. It goes, x seconds, y minutes, z hours etc.

Twittelytics LITE

Twittelytics LITE is a FREE (no Ads) Twitter client with a unique home page that shows dynamic tiles of Twitter avatars.


  • Dynamic Tiles representing Timeline, My Tweets, Direct Messages, Favorties and @Mentions.
  • Each tiles is refreshed periodically to show avatars for the last 12 tweeters
  • Tap/Click each Dynamic ttile to see the full timeline. Select a Tweet in the timeline for its details.
  • Tweet detail shows embeded images (uploaded to Twitter only). Tap/Click on user Avatar to view profile and Follow/Unfollow.
  • View your Twitter lists and pin them to your Home Page. They will get refreshed automatically.
  • Send Direct Messages or Reply to Direct Messages you recieve
  • Use the Search Charm to search Twitter and Follow/Unfollow people

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22 August 2014

this app crashes Every time it loads, it doesn't work, don't get it. just a waste of time. none of the features load and I think there's a error to It


11 July 2013

I got this because the web site said it was using toast, for desktop notifications. However, that is not working. Works as well as the other twitter apps that I have tried. Still disappointed because of no toast. otherwise would keep using it.


3 March 2013

I was able to authenticate with Twitter but after that it just crashes when it loads.


23 February 2013

I can't evev run it. Crashes on start on my surface pro


10 February 2013

Metrotwit is still beast when it comes to twitter apps


6 February 2013

I have tried all offered Twitter applications in the MS store, I can say this one is the best.


31 January 2013