Urban Dictionary Plus

Urban Dictionary Plus now available for Windows 8!! Get to know the language of the internet. The app presents definitions of words used in online games, social networking, chats etc. Now you don't need to worry about new terms that you frequently encounter. UD Plus will give you various definitions (as given by urbandictionary.com users) of today's slang terms. The App updates itself for new words everyday and includes live tile to give you a brief info of the latest words.


  • Live Tile notifications
  • Random words option
  • Integrated to Windows 8 Charms Bar
  • Share word meanings through Share charm
  • Perform regular search with UD Plus to get the meaning

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25 July 2014

Its so awesome you learn new words ever day hahaha... like guncle...haha who ever is looking for a good laugh get this app some of these word are crazy funny


17 April 2014

This app seems only tested on low resolution tablet. I'm using it on my desktop computer with HD monitor and keyboard. Text size seems too large for that screen. But that's OK. The real problem is, I have to right click on the app, and left click the search button. Why can't it put search box on the app screen? Really annoying.


12 December 2013

Just That, it's a great app to have on hand, AT your fingertips, ANYTIME....