Using Win8 shortcuts

help user to remember the new shortcuts in windows 8, includes keyboard shortcuts and touch shortcuts


  • remember, learn keyboard & touch shortcuts

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6 December 2013

I am happy very much when I saw this software. So hot.....


18 November 2013

Very good if Live Tile and Pin Shortcuts exists.


26 July 2013

Well done app. Each tip/shortcut is a separate tile inside the app and snaps very nicely while using Win8. Very thorough! Includes gestures, and shortcuts I didn't know and I've been around since Win3.1! Do you know what ctrl+alt+tab and ctrl+shift+n does? Download this app.


29 June 2013

Using Win8 shortcuts does not open after installed. I only get a dark gray screen with small announcement for a microsoft advertisement. Magali Cobian 0


20 March 2013

I work for Microsoft, and I did not realize Win8 had all these shortcuts... very helpful app!


2 February 2013

This app or something like it should be the first one on the start screen. Come on Microsoft, this should be obvious. Thiis is a good resource for Windows users. I would have liked to see mouse actions as well as touch and keyboard controls but this is a nice helpful app. thanks It would be nice to be able to hide some of the tips so that we can make a custom list of the shortcuts that we care about. Also, if the list could be printed out or copied to the keyboard that would be nice too.