virtualDoctor - is a step in the future of medicine. By downloading this program you will not only get your own virtual doctor who will always be with you, but also a direct link with a group of real qualified doctors. The program is designed for physicians, and for people without medical training. What can this virtual doctor? Evaluate your health (even if you feel fine, not the fact that it is. After all, some diseases to accumulate power for maximum impact, are hidden. This program is able to detect them, too). If there is a suspicion of any disease, virtualDoctor is able to make recommendations about your future diagnostics and the causes of pathology. At any time, you can ask a real doctor. If you need an urgent consultation - we have emergency calls. It is worth remembering that this program is a research project that is currently patentable, the invention, which are presented at medical conferences. If You will download this program and leave a good review, then You will encourage us to work harder and better. By the way, if you download the professional version of this program, you can save $ 10 per doctor's advice. Details:


  • Own a virtual doctor
  • The estimated total blood test even better than a live doctor
  • The permanent communication with the whole team alive, qualified doctors
  • Nice graphics, that does not let you get bored
  • Simple and intuitive to use for both experienced physician, and for a person without medical training
  • Library of blood and informational window will explain the value of complex terms
  • This program is patentable as a scientific invention

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9 July 2015

Good idea =)))