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Wego Travel

Get the best deals on hotel rooms with Wego Travel! Search multiple hotel sites in the time it takes you to search just one. ✪ Use filters to see only the hotels that suit your trip. Want to stay in a 5-star hotel in Bali for < $150? Sure, just tell us. ✪ Read user reviews to help you decide where to stay. Not sure where you want to go yet? Tell us where you'd like to go and whether you're in the mood to splurge or are traveling on a shoestring budget - we'll show you special offers, beautiful pictures and how much you can save. See only the deals relevant to your needs: ✪ Pick where you'd like to go. ✪ Choose from deals for hotels, flights or packages. ✪ Are you ready to splurge or have a tight budget? Best of all, it's free. Save time, pay less, travel more.


  • Browse Deals - See deals from multiple websites (Expedia, Agoda, Emirates, Deal.com.sg and more).
  • Search for Hotels - Search multiple sites in the time it takes to search one.
  • Filter and sort results - Narrow down to only what you're interested in with a few quick taps.

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10 December 2012

I love it! As a frequent traveler I can find the cheapest hotel in no time at all. I really like the variety of accommodation you can search for and not being restricted to just what one hotel chain has on offer. Especially as a last minute girl the Wego app gives me a bit of security knowing I can still organize and find the best hotels and deals at a moments notice


6 November 2012

Fairly incomplete app, clicking deals opens Internet Explorer.


18 October 2012

Listed Lima, Peru as part of the US. Funny thought is was in South America not North.