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    What's New - Rebuilt for Windows 10 Creators release - More accurate (and extra) network information - Pages layout better for different screen sizes and orientations - Fixed numerous bugs

What's IP Pro

What's IP Pro is your network toolkit in an app!. What's IP Pro displays both the local and external IP Address of your current Internet connection, and includes network profiles, WiFi information, network scanning, plus bandwidth usage reporting and other network tools. What's IP Pro also works in the background with the Live Tile updated whenever your network conditions change. As well as displaying network information for all of your network profiles, What's IP Pro provides a range of charts that display your network usage by day, week and month. What's IP also provides additional network tools, including an IP Subnet calculator, a local port scanner, and external tools, including NS Lookup, Ping and Network Time


  • Connection status, external IP address, DNS and Gateway
  • Customisable Live Tile display
  • Network profile information
  • WiFi network information
  • Network data usage
  • Network Port Scanning
  • DNS Lookup, CIDR Calculator and Internet Time

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20 May 2015

Ok. Blow me off because I still have my first 80 card from the mid-60's. I jumped on new Lumia 2025's after the 'demise' of RT for pennies on the dollar. Without digging I expected tools like pingpath. Oops. It has had it's moments :/ Out of sheer frustration I came to the RT store.. Pre Release Win 10 on different platforms has now been chewing my butt for almost a year and I want to sit again. OMG, this rev had my pain and worked to squeeze the available API's for every drop. I'm in like 3 minutes and I want to marry this person in my next life;) I'll look again after some sleep and looks like a cup of coffee well spent.


14 November 2014

Pro version recommended...


5 November 2014

It does everything that I need it to.


23 October 2014

I purchased the app to ping scan IP ranges. You are limited to only your local network and cannot change what range to scan. Not only can you only accept the default /24 range, but it never completes the scan. It always crashes the app.


21 June 2014

What my ip address


13 May 2014

Nice looking app. Found 6 of 11 IPs on my network. Missed XP computer and Server. Needs to name devices.


13 December 2013

Something I have been missing since I sold my iPod lol. Would like a way to name each device on the local network. Very nice app... for those who are windows rt noobs drag your finger from the top of the screen to get other options!


21 June 2013

I like the layout , plus very good info being displayed, I would give it 5 stars


5 June 2013

Upon launching the app it is hidden and puts me back to the Modern UI Screen. Trying to pull it from the right pop up task selector results in same behavior. Using a desktop.


30 May 2013

Great automated tool for network utilities. Perfect for Surface w/Ethernet dongle in the server room - and saving you from typing ipconfig, nslookup, etc five hundred times. Highly recommend.

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