WiFi Security+

Note: Please only download this app if you are on a wireless network. Did you know that there are thousands of privacy attacks and password theft incidents per day? These are mostly executed by attackers through public WiFi Hotspots. From Appriva Privacy Maximizer's team, Moobila's standalone full WiFi Security+ app helps you protect yourself from such attacks. Moobila WiFi Security+ provides you a security solution by analyzing your connected WiFi. It tells you whether the connected WiFi is Safe or Malicious. Features: 1. WiFi Security 2. Scanning the connected WiFi (Secure/Malicious) 3. List of recently connected WiFis 4. Listing of available hotspots 5. History of previously connected WiFi's with status 6. Feedback option Contact Us: support@moobila.com


  • WiFi Security
  • Scanning the connected WiFi
  • List of recently connected WiFis
  • Listing of available hotspots
  • History of previously connected WiFi's with status

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30 September 2013

The app does not recognize my WiFi on my PC. What's the point then?


20 April 2013

I keep getting windows Rt errors for the hotspot function. I am NOT running windows 8rt. I have the Asus vivo tab smart. Full version of windows 8. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!


2 April 2013

This is great App to protect you from fake and unsafe WiFi Hub at public places like restaurants, airport and office buildings. WiFiSecurity+ can protect you from virus attacks and intruders who can steal information from your Windows8 devices.


25 March 2013



24 March 2013

Well, it scanned the WiFi network I'm on and said it was "safe", but what does that mean? No explanation available.


18 March 2013

This was really missing for WinRT. Thanks devs for the innovative idea and implementation.


12 March 2013

This app is useless, how do these things get approved in the Store !