Wizard's Choice Volume 3

This game book picks up where you left off in Wizard's Choice Volume 2. Big-time evil smiting in this episode... And something a little unexpected.

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11 October 2014

enjoyable and not too long


28 September 2014

Got this far... might as well go all the way. like the dark humor.


18 May 2013

As a kid growing up on "Choose Your Own Adventure" books and growing into RPGs and other games, this series delightfully returns to the basics while still being magnificently entertaining for me in my older age. Great fun to also read aloud with friends and make decisions as a group! Great to see a return to this genre! Well done!!!


17 May 2013

You will probably die a lot of times in this one, but it just allows you to try other choices and explore more of the game. This volume has a surprise ending!