Word Shuffle

One of the highest rated multiplayer word games around! Super addictive and beautiful graphics. Designed for phones and tablets, landscape and portrait! Sure, you've played word games before. And sure, you've played them with friends. But not like this. Indie developer David Goemans has re-imagined a classic. First, he brought you a 3D bomb-clearing game, and now a word game with explosive combos, beautiful 3D graphics, a leaderboard and stars. Don’t forget the stars!! Playing on a 5x5 grid, you need to find all the words you can in 60 seconds! Points are awarded for the length of the words and the current combo. Combo timers count down, just to add that extra pressure! And if you’re rocking those words, there’s a leaderboard for the best scores! With 3 dictionaries to choose from - English, Dutch, French and German - it even helps international diplomacy! So go ahead and try it now. It's fun. And it has stars! -= PLEASE EMAIL THE DEVELOPER ANY QUESTIONS! HE'S VERY FRIENDLY!!! =-


  • Multiplayer
  • Leaderboards
  • In-game Friends

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21 January 2015

Too boring

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